Hello There!

I’m Barbi Dawll, Mistress Nikita’s bimbo sissy sex doll. I used to be high-level professional career guy that wore a power suit and tie to the office. Now, I’m nothing more than a feminized pleasure pet that wears slutty high-heels, nylons, mini-skirts and great big hair bows to make boys hard and horny. I’m just a living sissy slut sex toy that craves loads of hot cum in my mouth and big black dick in my ass. Oh, excuse me, my pussy hole.

So, you probably want to know if all of this real, huh? Well, I can assure you that it’s very real and personal. I don’t pay Mistress Nikita by the hour to cater to my kinky wish-list. She created and uses me to fulfill her desire to own a real living sissy sex doll; a slut she can use, loan to others and put to work for her pleasure and profit.

I used to dress up now and then many years ago, but I was always disheartened by my height, body hair and weight gain. Mistress quickly pis-poshed all of that saying I was just a typical lazy male content with¬† jerking off to the fantasy rather than living the reality. She told me that being pretty isn’t easy, it’s a lot of hard work and I needed a strict Mistress to train me. Mistress Nikita doesn’t make empty promises or threats for the sake of fantasy. It’s one of the things I love most about her. So when she said she was going to transform me into the sexiest, sluttiest, cock-hungriest, cum guzzling sissy bimbo fuck doll ever… she really meant it! And guess what? That’s just what she did!

Once my training began there was really no turning back. Mistress put me on a very strict diet and exercise program, and instructed me to begin a daily feminine beauty regime. Manicures, pedicures, skin care, shaving, waxing, plucking, facial masks, perfumed powders and moisturizing have become part of my everyday life now. She further required me to wear panties and a butt plug every day. Mistress’ permission is required to remove the plug for any reason. I need to be ready to accommodate her strap-on or a nice hard cock in that hole at a moment’s notice.

Overcoming my above average height was simple. Mistress just said I needed bigger hair, larger tits and higher heels to keep everything in proper proportion. I needed to accentuate my height, not try to hide it. Correct posture when wearing very high heels was crucial, and not the stubby heels many larger cross-dressers prefer. I’m only allowed to wear the sluttiest highest stiletto platform “come fuck me” heels that are available in my size.

“You better learn how to prance like a supermodel sashaying down the runway and give a lap dance better than a pole dancer in those heels or you’ll be punished severely!” Mistress Nikita told me. “Those heels are part of you now. When I’m done with you, it’ll hurt to walk in flats and you’ll beg to get back into your six inch stilettos!”

Perfecting hair and make-up came next. Mistress wanted to achieve the perfect look for her sissy sex doll; a blending of sissy slut, porn star, stripper, show-girl, street walking whore and the real Barbi(e) doll. She spent a lot of time and effort creating her vision. Mistress experimented will all sorts of make-up types and brands, eyebrow shapes, nails, and hair styles until Barbi was finally ready for the world. For about three months I was just a canvas for her to paint on. It was my first real taste of objectification. I was destined to be nothing more than a sex toy; just another implement for her to play with or accessory in her wardrobe, much like a purse or pair of heels. Afterwards, Mistress trained me to do my own make-up, brow shaping, hair and nails so I can be ready whenever she wants to play with her doll or have someone else play with me.

“I don’t really care what people think or how embarrassed you are when they see your high arched brows or freshly shaved legs in public. It’s much more important that you look sexy and slutty when I dress you up, Barbi. Your new purpose in life is to please me and make men hard. Got it?”

My wardrobe primarily consists of high heels (of course), stockings or pantyhose, garters, cinchers, panties, tight short skirts, and sexy low cut long sleeve tops. Mistress thinks this style works best for making me look over-the-top slutty without showing off my masculine traits.

My collection of blingy bling is always expanding too! Mistress loves to accessorize her Barbi in over-sized shiny sparkling things. I wear at least six rings, four bracelets, one or two anklets, large earrings and statement necklaces all the time. It all looks so wonderful with my long painted nails too. And, of course, the giant hair bow is always the final touch when she dresses me up. Sexy, huh?

My sissy slut training isn’t over. Mistress says that being a good sissy bitch is a constant effort and I always need to work hard on new skills and improve old ones. She’s talked about getting me huge implants several times, which is so scary, but so very exciting too! I’d love to feel a man’s hands squeeze my tits and then fuck them with his hard slick dick so he can spurt his load right into my face.

I love so many very naughty and kinky things. Just because I’m totally submissive to Mistress Nikita doesn’t mean I have to be totally submissive to you. Sure, I love big strong men that know how to treat a horny slut like me, but I also love subby little bitch bois that want to kneel and lick my stocking covered toes. Sometimes, Mistress allows me to play with pets so get in touch if you want to be considered for a place at the end of my shiny leather leash. Maybe you want to be my sissy sex doll or my little collared cuckold? I’ll lock you up in a cage so you can watch my buff big black boyfriends use both of my fuck-holes. Don’t worry, you can crawl out and lick up whatever I don’t swallow when they’re done.

I do all sorts of things for Mistress. Things like offering in-person massage services and assisting Mistress Nikita during professional BDSM sessions in South Florida.¬† If you’re in the area please do get in touch with Mistress Nikita for more details. You can also meet me live on webcam or schedule a personal one-on-one cam meeting with me via Skype. Contact me about making a custom video for you too. I’ll be all yours to play with over and over again! So don’t be shy… I love it when you want me.

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